About Us

About Us

Welcome to Scott Physiotherapy.  We offer top quality physiotherapy and sports massage in a professional and friendly environment.  Treatment programmes are specifically designed to meet individual needs and you will not be signed up for expensive, lengthy and repetitive regimes.  We guarantee that you will be listened to, assessed thoroughly and given the best treatment we can provide.  Scott Physiotherapy offers modern, evidence based treatments for clients of all ages and abilities and we pride ourselves as being the place that people come to when all else has failed.

Experience gained at elite sporting events (see below) does not mean that we only treat sports people.  It highlights the level of therapist expertise; and the cutting edge techniques learned in professional sport can be passed on to benefit all of our clients.  We have an extremely varied client base so you certainly don't have to be an athlete to come and see us.

Our well established connections with medical practitioners, both on and off island, provide an extensive referral network and wide knowledge base to draw from.

Our Promise

To provide an outstanding quality of service that moves forward with the pace of science and to offer a dynamic, flexible and tailor made programme to you, our clients, to promote independence and long-term solutions.

Isla Scott

Isla qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1992 has over 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal medicine. She graduated from the prestigious Bath University with a Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy in 2011.  Continuing professional development is a high priority and Isla regularly travels off island to attend courses and conferences to ensure that her treatments are both up to date and relevant.

Isla's has been Physiotherapist at the following major events:

Isla is known for her enthusiasm for the physiotherapy profession, her attention to detail and for being able to sort out problems where others have failed. She enjoys treating all ages and abilities and feels strongly about long term solutions.