P.K., Laxey

After suffering chronic back pain due to injury I was referred to Scott Physio for treatment.  An in depth discussion and investigation of my symptoms and condition resulted in a tailored plan that addressed my requirements personally.

Excellent service and attention to detail mean that several years on, the exercises still work and my condition is fully under control.

James Toseland (Two time World Superbike champion)

I have been a professional motorcyclist for 15 years and I've worked with many Physiotherapists in my career. None have been as professional and attentive to each area of injury as Isla has been. Riding motorcycles at over 200mph has obvious dangers and injuries are quite frequent. To have access to such a professional Physiotherapist, in a career in which you are going to sustain injuries regularly, is a vital part of your team and has helped enable me to get back on a motorcycle in astonishingly quick time post-injury.

Isla Scott is a credit to herself and to the Isle of Man. The island is very fortunate to have such a qualified and professional Physiotherapist.

Norman Greenhalgh - Director Hartford Homes.

Having suffered discomfort with my back and shoulder for a number of years, I had seen three or four physiotherapists all of whom incorrectly diagnosed the underlying problem and resultantly provided inadequate therapy.

Having been recommended Scott physiotherapy by a friend involved in the sports and leisure industry on the island, I decided to see if they could do any better than the other consultants I had previously visited.

In the very first session Isla correctly identified the underlying issue that the other consultants had missed and was able to refer me to a surgeon who was able to repair damage sustained to my bicep tendon.

The subsequent rehabilitation work undertaken by Isla was absolutely top notch and ensured my quick recovery and resolution of the problem that had plagued me for so long.

The team at Scott physiotherapy is professional, friendly, accommodating and very easy to deal with. I would have absolutely no reservation in recommending them to anybody requiring physiotherapy as the best on the Isle of Man.

Jonathan Rea (World Superbike rider)

I have no hesitation in recommending Scott Physiotherapy (Isla) to anyone, from the top class sportsman to the nine-to-five guy. Isla has been instrumental in my recovery of two major wrist reconstructions and understood my eagerness to return to competition. Her passion for sport and understanding of dealing with severe injuries and professional athletes are second-to-none and I owe a lot to Isla for getting me back to the top of World Championship motorcycling. I often talk about my people and the team around me and Isla is a firm part of that team!

Laura S, Peel

I was referred to Scott Physio (and saw Isla) through the healthcare scheme my employers provide, for treatment on a problematic shoulder. Having never had physio before, I was a bit nervous, but Isla put me at ease straight away. She explained everything she was doing and why, and I felt she was totally dedicated to getting me right. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scott physio to anyone – extremely professional but friendly too, and clearly committed to providing a great service.

Steve Colley (Trials champion and stunt rider)

Scott Physiotherapy have sponsored me since 2007 and during this time Isla and Ben have been a pleasure to work with, both professionally and personally.  As a team they are extremely proactive and always go that extra mile.  After 20 years of professional trials riding I have finally found a Physio that can actually solve any niggles and issues.

Scott Physiotherapy is as good as it gets!

Dave McLean, Peel

Not only did I receive friendly, courteous and very professional treatment from you, but your thoughtfulness in going above and beyond what was necessary, undoubtedly saved my leg. Thank you so much!

Neil Hodgson (Former World and British Superbike Champion)

Before I came to Isla's, I had been to 2 other physios, and to be honest they weren't a patch on Isla. The first was supposed to be one of the best in America and their style was to give you lots of different exercises and leave you to it. The only hands on bit was at the end where for about 5 mins they would just try and move your arm past its comfort zone! This was only 2 weeks after my operation. With Isla everything was 100 percent hands on. The difference was amazing I have never met such a perfectionist in my life. Everything was very well structured and nothing was left to chance. My sessions always started with an informal chat to see how the shoulder had been, it seemed refreshing to me to really see someone listen, think and then react to what had been said; in fact this discussion would determine what we would do that session as opposed to just running through the same old routine as if she was just reading it from a book.

I really thought before I met Isla there was nothing that could improve my shoulder, and I think it’s fair to say that I was down about it, almost to the point of giving up any sort of physio. But right from the outset Isla assured me she could make it a lot better. Her positive attitude is infectious and the more time I spent there the more I realised I’d just been to the wrong people.
Having been a motorcycle racer for 27 years and a professional for 18 of them, I think I'm well qualified to comment on physio treatment. I would estimate I’d seen around 30 or 40 over the years, and all I can say is Isla is the best bar none.

Lewis Qualtrough - Isle of Man Football Association and Ramsey Football Club

I have used Scott Physiotherapy on the Isle of Man on a number of occasions. Following on from recurring patella knee dislocations suffered over recent years playing football, I have sought advice and treatment from Ben, Isla and the team. They offer a fantastic service, a work environment with a "professional feel" and a very good range of exercise equipment. They come across as very knowledgeable in injury prevention, rehabilitation and physiotherapy and are always very helpful. Overall, they are very good value for money and I'd recommend their practice to others".

Andrew Pitt (double World Super Sport champion)

As an international motorcyclist competing in the world championship my well being and general physical state determines how well I can earn a living.  Over the years I have been lucky not to pick up any big injuries.  In the 10 years that I have competed at this level I, as any rider does, have suffered certain injuries and issues that if unchecked tend to add up.  I used to keep training and battling on thinking that if I’m not in perfect shape I was close enough.  As the years passed I would be stiffer and sorer post-ride, but let’s face it, it goes away.  The main issue throughout my career though was finding the right therapist that actually knows what they are doing and who I can trust totally.

In mid 2007 I was test riding for the Yamaha MotoGP programme and Michelin, which involved continual 3 day tests lapping for long periods all day.  I was getting off the bike barely able to straighten up.

I had met Ben and Isla Scott earlier that year socially when they had suggested I come around for an athlete screening and Isla assuried me she would have me dancing around on the bike with flexibility I could only dream of.

Isla identified straight away the issues I had through the back, hips and general core area and provided solutions immediately.  My flexibility improved straight away and pain on the bike was also greatly reduced very quickly.  Of course on the road I had exercises and stretching I needed to do to stay on top of it but I was on my way.  Once all the big issues were addressed really there was just fine tuning each time I came home.

I started the 2008 season in the best shape of my life and feeling great on the bike.  I wasn’t thinking about pain or discomfort whilst riding and I didn’t have to compromise my position because of discomfort.  Also being much more comfortable on the bike my aerodynamics improved, making everyone happy.  The result was I was crowned World Champion at the end of the year and Scott Physiotherapy played a big part in this.

Of course our relationship is ongoing and after a big crash or even a little niggle I will fly from where ever I am to Isla and Ben because I know I will leave in better shape.

Ideally I would like to pack Isla in my bag and take her with me everywhere I go but she is always accessible and arms me with all the information and exercises I need to stay on top of things.

Oh, and by the way it’s nice being able to touch my toes now too!

David Marian Creane (Chronic lower back and Neck pain.....for years...not an Olympian)

I came to learn about Scott Physio through a friend who used their services. I attended for many weekly sessions and was very impressed with the professional way I was treated. You realise the in-depth knowledge that the professionals at Scott Physiotherapy possess and this in turn delivers the treatment that is needed.

Very impressed ..

Highly recommended.

Zoe Gillings (Olympic Snowboard Cross Racer)

Competing in the event of snowboard cross I get injured quite a lot! Scott physio are always there to help put me back together again as soon as I get back to the island, even if  I call the day I return and say I have another injury they always do whatever they can to see me as soon as possible. They are very professional, know what they are talking about and are great at explaining exercises to take away so I can recover fast and get back on the snow.

I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

M A Gell Ramsey

I was referred to Isla after having suffered a bad back for 2 years. This was very debilitating and affected by home life immensely. I had been seeing a chiropractor for 18 months but the injury kept recurring. I had approx 8 treatments with Isla that included both manipulation and basic core exercises. The results were outstanding and 3 years later I am still pain free and leading a normal life again - as long as I keep on top of the exercises.

Alex Hedges (IoM champion and Commonwealth gymnast)

Whether using their abilities to help someone recover from a relatively standard injury, or seeking out complicated new ways to fine-tune athletes and maximise their performance, I've never seen such enthusiasm as I have here.  Scott Physiotherapy is a massive asset to the Island and has been critical in allowing me to achieve what I have in gymnastics.

Without the hard work and enthusiasm of the people at Scott Physiotherapy I wouldn't still be training, let alone have achieved the sporting success that has made me so happy.  It feels like I create more work for them with every training session but I haven't yet managed to find an injury they can't deal with - even in gymnastics!  I am so grateful for their unique abilities to not just keep me going but to constantly drive me forward.

Shirl Ward, Lower Foxdale

The first time was after I had been stopped in traffic at a roundabout and my car was hit by 2 other vehicles.  As a result I suffered whiplash injuries and after visits to the hospital and my doctor I was advised to have Physio treatment.  I contacted Scott Physio and received an excellent course of treatment with very useful advice on daily exercises.

The second time was for tennis elbow and again I was recommended by my Doctor that physio could help.  I have previously had tennis elbow and had to have a steroid injection.  I was on the phone to Scott Physio straight away.  I again received a course of treatment and daily exercises.

I have already recommended my friends and family to Scott Physio and would have no hesitation in doing so again.

Cameron Donald (TT winner)

For both hands on treatment and advice Isla has been second to none in assisting me to compete in the best possible condition, her work has helped me to recover from injury and get back to winning!

C.Hood, Kirk Michael

I was recommended Scott Physio following surgery for a scaphoid non-union, resulting in limited wrist movement and a significant loss in strength. Isla was brilliant, explaining everything along the way and her passion for what she does is clear, making you feel at ease throughout. The advice and exercises to carry out in-between sessions were invaluable, with full movement returning after only five sessions. Without a doubt I have Isla to thank for the quick recovery and I do not hesitate to recommend Scott Physio to anyone. Thanks again Isla!

Mr Johnson, Peel

As one who played for a long time in the front row of the scrum I am now the typical shape – short, fat and with a bad back. At past 80 I would hardly now get about if it were not for Isla’s weekly attention over the last 10 years – and the conversation is good too!

Clive Parrish

It was thanks to the professional concern that Isla had for a hip condition that I had that she referred me to a Consultant who subsequently carried out a full hip replacement ; which has been life changing. Following the operation Isla provided me with a great rehab programme - since Isla's referral I have moved on from struggling to walk to completing the Great North Run! I would recommend Scott Physio to anyone.

Denise (Lincolnshire)

Weeks after knee surgery I had only got back to 90 degree bend so decided to see Isla, after only one session she had me back to 120 degrees. I always recommend Scott Physiotherapy to anyone who is in need of physio.

Tracey Martin

Made to feel 'special', like you were their only client. If you ring asking for an urgent appointment, they fit you in at either clinic, within 24 hours where possible. Fantastic service, brilliant treatment and friendly staff.

James Osborne

I would like to say that the treatment and advice I received from Isla was second to none. The importance of being connected to a professional when one is being treated is paramount without that connection I do not know where I would have been.

Finding someone who really knows what they are talking about is difficult and Isla certainly has that ability.

Josie Davies

I have a chronic neck and back issue that will never resolve without surgery, But treatment with Scott Physiotherapy helped keep me mobile and life bearable. Moving off island has meant I have to find another professional to match their skills and hard work...That will be a challenge. Thank you for all your help.

Debra, Glen Maye

My leg injury was successfully treated in a professional and friendly environment.  Thank you so much, with your help I was able to return to my much loved dancing classes.

I recommend Scott Physiotherapy to one and all.

Brian Elliott, Peel

When I had my rotator cuff injury, Scott Physiotherapy accurately and swiftly diagnosed it and recommended a course of treatment to me.

This resulted in a much faster return to normal than would otherwise be the case.


Scott Physiotherapy is a small but perfectly formed professional team. In the experience of our family all our needs have been met promptly, confidentially, efficiently and effectively. Isla and Ben have created a professional team that is second to none in the world of business. They are a first class medical business to be trusted by all!

Jim Blanchard

I would like to thank Ben and his team for the excellent treatment and advice I received at very short notice after badly damaging my knee trying to start a vintage motorbike. Thanks to you all I now am the proud owner of a good workable knee.

Good wishes to you all


As one who is reluctantly accepting that his body is somewhat older than his brain I can only say how grateful the young brain is that you are keeping the body on the same page!

It is not just dealing with the symptoms that you treat so well and professionally but your diagnostic skills that allow you to give spot on advice as to the cause – which in turn leads to resolving the problems before they become chronic.

I continue to believe that Grandpa’s do not need to accept chronicity (that is my made up word) and your skills, expertise and professionalism allows me to think that this is true!

Please continue to “cosset” me in this way – I have a golf handicap to lower.


I would like to say that on the occasions when I was treated by Isla, I immediately, and continually, felt better for my treatment. I would also definitely return for treatment if the need arises again. Thank you both for the support which I have received from you.

Ron, Castletown

Thank you for sorting out my injury problems and extending the life of my sporting activities.

Sandra Black-Kay

Back in late 2004 I was recommended by a friend to go and see Isla re: my leg. I had broken it very badly in a fall in early 2004 and it was still very twisted and obviously things were not right. Isla was wonderful and helped me with exercises etc. to ease the pain and then also put me in touch with a surgeon in Cardiff. It was the best thing she ever did for me as it turned out that my leg was never going to be any different if I did not have another operation. This I did and a few months later like I was a different person – no pain when walking, a straight leg etc. I will always be indebted to Isla for all the care and attention she gave me at a time when I really thought I would remain crippled as I was for the rest of my life. My biggest regret is that I never met Isla before my first operation.

Gary Griffin, Kirk Michael

I would like thank Scott Physiotherapy for their great efforts in repairing and putting me back together after various injuries.

They are quite brilliant at getting to the root of the problem very quickly and would highly recommend them to anybody.

B. Clark Peel

Excellent treatment!

Brian W., St Johns

I am a 60 year old and have been going to Scott Physiotherapy over a number of years for treatment of both sports and accidental injuries.  They are 100% professional and the Island is extremely fortunate to have, in Isla Scott, such a highly regarded physiotherapist.

Caroline R., Douglas

After receiving a horrendous injury to my collar bone I am so glad I sought the expertise of Scott Physio.  My injury turned out to be not as straight forward as the 'professionals' first thought with complications that were missed but were picked up by Isla, who is a fountain of knowledge.  I cannot recommend Scott Physiotherapy highly enough, they really are a fantastic professional team who will look after you every step of your recovery.